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Mission Statement:
B&H Industries is the premier service provider for vetted, quality hemp products. We work with farmers we trust to bring responsibly grown, sustainable and healthy CBD products to market. We feel it is our duty to educate consumers on the benefits of CBD and to provide safe, affordable access to our communities. We maintain a Culture of Excellence amongst ourselves and demand the same from our partners. We promise to meet our commitments to our customers, employees and shareholders while promoting integrity and transparency, never denigrating our competitors or cutting corners for the sake of expediency or profit.

We find motivated buyers for well qualified growers specializing in CBD/CBG:

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B&H Industries is...

A multifaceted hemp company that connects farmers we trust with buyers who share our values. We offer a variety of CBD/CBG products and raw materials that satisfy a range of needs, from commercial manufacturers to discerning customers. We provide the best products available, customized to the clients’ needs.

Smokable Flower & Biomass

B&H has established contracts with farms throughout Northern California and Oregon, giving us access to a wide range of Grade A Smokable Flower and Biomass. We can fill orders of any size or specifications, based on desired characteristics, such as terpenes, presentation, or CBD/CBG percentage.

Isolates & Distillates

Isolates & Distillates are the most commonly used forms of concentrate in CBD products. Both possess high potency, wide availability, and general compatibility, making a good match for many CBD products, including topicals. Although there are many isolate and distillate producers/sellers, at B&H we believe a better base material ultimately reflects in a better product. Hemp for our Isolates and Distillates is sourced from top quality west coast farms and produced in certified facilities.

Nano-Emulsion, Isolate & Broad Spectrum

Isolate or distillate that has been nano-emulsified to become water soluble, significantly increases the bioavailability, or absorption of cannabinoids into the body. It can be distilled and packaged in liquid, or powder form and used in product manufacturing as concentrate, just like isolate or distillate.

Wholesale and Retail Hemp Products

B&H is continually working with our partners to bring innovative new products to market, using only the best base material and concentrates.

White Label Hemp Products

B&H can assist from start to finish in the design, development, and distribution of any product, from sourcing material, to consumer delivery. Our partners in manufacturing operate experienced, FDA approved facilities, which guarantee that all ingredients in their products are manufactured in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practice. We can extend this confidence to our customers who are looking to create their own product.

Farm Consulting

Many farmers are considering hemp as an alternative, or to grow on rotation with other crops. We can provide farmers with relevant market insights to help them make the best decisions, and guide them every step, from seed to sale.

Stand by, our site is currently in development to provide more information surrounding today's Hemp Market in California and the West Coast.

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